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University of Surrey

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15 Minutes 

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Study Details

We are looking for volunteers to partake in this study wishing to understand your personal journey of leaving an abusive relationship.


The aim of this study is to understand the leaving process of an abusive intimate partner relationship. This study will explore the barriers which may have impacted the leaving process but also the enablers which supported the leaving process. We anticipate that this study may support with hope and empowerment when exploring some of these difficult experiences. 


We would like to hear from you if you are:

• Over the age of 18 years

• Anyone living in the UK

• A survivor of domestic abuse

• Have a diagnosis of ‘borderline personality disorder’ also referred to as complex emotional needs

• Have left the abusive relationship for at least 6 months

• The duration of the relationship must be at least 6 months

• Feel that you are in a place of readiness to discuss such sensitive experiences.