Exploring the Experiences of Eldest Daughters

exploring the experiences of eldest daughters, single-parent household, take part in research

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University of Leeds

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You get to share your experiences about growing up as the eldest daughter in a single-parent household, and help to advance what is understood about this experience for others growing up in similar circumstances

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2 Hours 

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Study Details

This study is designed to explore the experiences of eldest daughters that grew up in single-parent households.


The research is a journal-based study and requires you to respond to different topics relevant to the experience of growing up as an eldest daughter in a single-parent household in the form of creative journal entries. There will be 10 journal entries to complete with each one approximately taking 10 minutes. You will have 2 weeks to complete this (but this timeframe is flexible). The study can be done online or a physical journal can be posted to you to complete.