#HaveAWord: Perspectives on Anti-Misogyny Campaigns

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London School of Economics

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Dinner, Coffee and Drinks

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1 Hour

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In-Person – London, UK

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Study Details

As part of my MSc in Gender, Policy and Inequalities at the LSE, I am planning to conduct and collect data from focus group workshops for my dissertation. The dissertation is a policy analysis and evaluation of the London Mayor’s ‘Strategy Against Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)’. I am focusing on one strand of the Strategy, the ‘#HaveAWord’ campaign, aimed at encouraging young men living in London to call out their friend’s behaviour. I am planning to research how the campaign sits with men’s own lived experiences of masculinity, whether they feel it would be effective and how men generally feel about their relationship towards VAWG.


Focus groups will take place in person, at the LSE, on 12th June/20th June/27th June. Please select the slot that works best for you.”