Walking in an Urban Park Influences Well-Being

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Kingston University London

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1 Hour  

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Study Details

Dear Participant,


We are excited to invite you to take part in our research project investigating how walking in an urban park may affect your


The study will involve using the “MapMyWalk” app to track your walk and collect data on your route (use the 1-month free trial). Additionally, you are asked to photograph park features that you find pleasing or interesting, and complete a survey with
some questions about your mood, wellbeing, and mental imagery before and after the walk.
This should take you about 10-15 minutes excluding your walk, which you will decide for yourself how long or short you want it to


Please be assured that your responses will be anonymized and kept confidential (we use codes instead of real names)


What will you be doing?
1. Before your walk, install the app to track your journey.


2. Fill out before-walk survey before the walk.


3. Enjoy a self-paced walk in the designated park area. (Preferably a big park like Hyde Park, Victoria Park, Richmond Park, etc.) (at least a 20 minutes walk)


4. Capture images of park features you like or dislike during your walk.


5. Fill out after-walk survey after the walk.


6. At the end of your walk, we will ask to take screenshots of 1-2 photos you have taken in the park, and the summary displayed
in the ‘MapMyWalk’ app with Map.

Please ensure, your mobile device is compatible with the app before the start of the walk.


Taking part in this study should not cause any adverse effects. The research has received a favourable ethical opinion from the
Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences at Kingston University.


Data Confidentiality and Retention Policy:
Your privacy is our utmost priority. All personal data collected during this study will be kept strictly confidential. Data will be anonymized and stored securely until June 2025, after which it will be permanently deleted.



Usage of Data:
The information gathered from this study will be used solely for academic research purposes, specifically for understanding the
influence of urban park walking on wellbeing.


Withdrawal of Data:
Should you wish to have your data removed from this study, please contact researchers within ten days after participation. Your
request will be processed promptly, and your data will be deleted from our records.


Contact for Data Handling:
For any inquiries regarding how your data is handled, please contact our researchers.

Withdrawal Process:
If you choose to withdraw from the study, please inform us via email. You can withdraw within ten days after participation without
any penalty. If you choose not to send the data to the researchers, your participation will be considered withdrawn.