Content Rewards for Research Participants

At this point with WeParticipated, we've seen hundreds of research studies published on the platform by Bachelors, Masters and PhD students from across the UK. One thing we've come to notice is the large number of studies published on WeParticipated without any sort of participant reward. To anyone who wants to listen, we often mention… Continue reading Content Rewards for Research Participants

The Power of Research: It’s not just for Science!

In today's business landscape, research is not a luxury but a necessity. It’s necessary for businesses to make informed decisions, adapt to changing market conditions, innovate, mitigate risks, gain a competitive advantage, optimise resources, and build trust with their customers. By investing in research, businesses can position themselves for long-term success and sustainability in an… Continue reading The Power of Research: It’s not just for Science!

Science and Society

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Society Along with the impact on public health internationally to respond to existential threats over the past few years, the COVID 19 and Monkeypox pandemics have brought to light another emerging crisis; a palpable disconnect between science and society. This crisis, is perhaps, the most dangerous public health issue… Continue reading Science and Society

Take Part in Research for Money – When Money Counts

So, You Want to Take Part in Research for Money? Admittedly, many people take part in research for money. As you can imagine, a cash reward is one of the most popular incentives around. At WeParticipated we mainly promote non-monetary reasons for participating in research studies. However, sometimes, taking part in research for money makes… Continue reading Take Part in Research for Money – When Money Counts

Focus Group Studies

It’s your first time taking part in a research study. You login to WeParticipated and browse the Announcement Hall. You find an advert about a research study, where you have to give your opinion on a new product created by one of your favourite tech companies. You’re interested in the study, but you read that… Continue reading Focus Group Studies

What Does It Mean to Take Part in Research?

To understand what it means to take part in research, we first must understand the general research process. Researchers usually go through a specific process when they actually do research and it’s called the research process. The Research Process We won’t go over this process in detail. However, the general idea behind this process can… Continue reading What Does It Mean to Take Part in Research?